Inclusion Policy

CCC is committed to including all learners in our programs. By hiring and retaining well-trained early childhood professionals, we are able to provide additional support for children who require more focused, consistent attention in particular areas of development. When required, we are able to assist families in obtaining additional support services.

CCC promotes early detection and programming for children with special needs. We enjoy a reciprocal relationship with many area family and child service providers―including Early Intervention and the Concord Public Schools―and will help parents identify special needs and locate testing and supplemental services if necessary. We believe that early treatment is essential to a child’s optimal development.

We believe in the importance of

  • recognizing each child’s unique abilities, range of development, and learning style
  • teaching and supporting children by building on each child’s strengths
  • supporting children by providing teachers with the support they need to ensure the success of all children
  • working collaboratively with families to assure children’s success at CCC