Concord Children’s Center’s curriculum is guided by decades of research that demonstrates that the best foundation for a young child’s development and future learning is open-ended, child-initiated play. CCC integrates knowledge and skill building into the purposeful play of children. Our low child-to-teacher ratios, experienced and well-trained faculty and staff, and supportive learning environments are integral to our approach: a program tailored to children’s individual learning styles.

Our curriculum provides the framework for what happens in the classroom where children interact with materials, peers, and adults. Our teachers are trained to both guide and follow children as they learn. We select classroom materials and activities to encourage inquiry—a critical skill that will carry children through future learning. By strengthening the social and emotional competency of children, CCC’s goal is to create learners who can take risks, work cooperatively, and—most importantly—enjoy the process of learning and growing.

Our teaching strategies encourage children to explore, observe, discover, and make meaning of the world around them. Teachers carefully design classrooms to promote learning by creating security and stability to free the young child to be curious, to become involved in play, and to discover.

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