What is the Heads or Tails game?

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Heads or Tails is a fun game of chance played during the live auction. To play, purchase your ticket at check-in to receive your Heads or Tails "item" to wear during the game. When it's time to play, everyone who has purchased a Heads or Tails "item" stands up. The auctioneer will flip a coin, but before s/he flips the coin, s/he announces that you should put your "item" on if you think the coin is going to land on heads, or you leave your "item" off if you think the coin will land on tails. The auctioneer then flips the coin — whoever chooses incorrectly is out of the game and sits down, while whoever choose correctly remains standing. The auctioneer then continues to flip the coin with people choosing whether they think it will land on heads or tails and sitting down or remaining standing as appropriate until there is one person left standing. That person is the winner and wins the prize!