Ripley Faculty and Staff

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

PENNI HENSLEY WAGNER, Ripley Program Director, joined CCC in 1984. She became the program director at Ripley in 1987. She has taught the after-kindergartners at Ripley, the mixed-age group at Emerson, and the 3–4s and 4–5s groups at Ripley. Penni taught 4–5s and mixed-age groups in Medford and Cambridge before joining CCC. She received a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Indiana University.

EMILY OSTROW, toddler teacher and Ripley assistant director, joined us in 2014. Prior to coming to CCC, she worked for four years with preschoolers in Newton.  Emily received her undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and is certified in Early Childhood Education.  She is an alum of Concord Children’s Center.

SUSIE BARKER joined CCC in 2005 and was a teacher with the after-kindergarten group for four years before becoming an afternoon teacher in preschool. Susie has 18 years of experience teaching young children in Massachusetts, most recently with the Lincoln Country Day School, where she was with the 3- and 4-year-olds. Susie has a Master’s in education from Antioch University.

KATE BOTTEGO joined CCC in 2011. She has 15 years of experience working with infants, toddlers, and preschool children in Acton and Western MA. She has completed course work in early childhood education.

BRITTANY BUTLER joined CCC in 2017.  Brittany has many years of experience with children as a preschool teacher and nanny.  Her degree in Education is from Mount Ida College in Newton, MA.

PATRICIA COLLINS joined CCC in 1999 and has taught in our 3-4’s, 4-5’s and after-kindergarten groups.  She has also taught a variety of ages in many programs for the Concord Recreation Department.  Patricia has taught theater, creative dance, and sacred dance for children and adults.  She has an undergraduate degree from Hampshire College and is a certified teacher in Noyes Rhythm.

BRINNA CONLEY joined CCC in 2016 and worked at our Emerson location before moving to Ripley to teach in our toddler room. Brinna graduated from Greensboro College with a BA in Early Childhood Education and is a Concord Children’s Center alumna.

ERICA DELUCIA joined CCC in 2017 as an Afterschool teacher and has also taught preschool at our West Concord location. She worked for 10 years as teacher in grades 1-4.   She has her undergraduate degrees in Psychology from St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Elementary Education from University of Maine at Fort Kent. 

MARIE DIPACE joined CCC in 2010. She has more than 10 years of experience in early childhood education; most recently teaching preschoolers at Technology Children’s Center at Lincoln Lab in Lexington, Mass. Marie received a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood, elementary (K–8), and physical education from Boston College.

CICI GROVE joined our Toddler team in 2015. She was part of the Center for Parents and Teachers a few years ago, has run playgroups at First Connections, and is currently a reading tutor in the mornings at Willard. She earned her undergraduate degree in Art of Education from the University of Vermont.

ANNIE KOLFF joined CCC in 2017.  She has many years of experience with children in child care centers and as a nanny.  She has her Early Childhood Certification from Norwalk Community College.

JACKIE LALLI joined CCC in 2015. Jackie has worked as a nanny and as a special education assistant in Acton at Gates and Merriam Elementary Schools. Jackie has her undergraduate degree in Communication with a minor in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

NICHOLE PIRO has been with CCC since 1998. She started her career at Ripley teaching our mixed age group (3-5’s) and 4-5’s and then worked in our West Concord program for 11 years before returning to our Ripley program in the 4-5’s class. . Nicole received her graduate degree in Early Childhood Education from Lesley University and her undergraduate degree in Human Services and Psychology.  

CARMEN POTTER joined CCC in January 2014. She has her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education from Embury Institute for Education in South Africa, her home country.  She came to the U.S. as an au pair in 2010 and completed her graduate degree in Early Childhood Education with Creative Arts from Lesley in 2015.

DENISE WELCH rejoined CCC in 2016 after teaching in our Afterschool and 4-5’s groups from 1986-1998. She has her degree in Early Childhood Education and Psychology from Framingham College.

DOTTY WHITTIER joined CCC in 2007 and has taught in the 4–5s and Afterschool classrooms. Dotty was a preschool and kindergarten teacher in New York for more than 20 years before coming to CCC. She has a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood/elementary education from Chatham College and a Master’s degree in literacy studies from Lehman College.