Emerson Faculty and Staff

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

JENNINE LESSER, Emerson Program Director, joined CCC in 1995. Before directing the Emerson program, Jennine spent 14 years teaching at the preschool level and has taught all ages at Emerson. Jennine has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and early childhood education from Regis College.

AICHA BOUNAR joined CCC in 1998 working with infants. Aicha has a wealth of experience in the family child care setting and is taking courses in early childhood education.

KERRIE BRIGUGLIO joined CCC in 1996. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in human development form Lesley University, an Associate degree in early childhood education and has completed all course work for her Master’s degree program in special education.

LAURA CARPENTER joined CCC in 2004. She has a Bachelor’s degree in education with a specialty in communication disorders and has a certificate in sign language interpreting. She has worked with children ranging from infants through high school age.

TANAYA CARVALHO rejoined CCC in 2017. She started working at CCC in 2007 as an infant and toddler teacher at both our Emerson and West Concord sites before taking a couple of years off to be at home with her children.

ERIKA GUTERMUTH joined CCC in 1996 and has been an infant teacher for all her years with us. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has taken several classes in early childhood education. Erika brings her love of music into the classroom.

MARY HEINSOHN-ROE joined CCC in 1994. Initially, she joined us as an afternoon teacher and taught the mixed-age group, 3-4s and Toddlers at Ripley. This year will be her first year at Emerson. Previously, Mary worked at the Willow Hill School in Sudbury, a school for adolescents with learning disabilities. She has completed course work in early childhood education.

ALEXANDRA LOGINS joined CCC in 2011. Before coming to CCC, Alex spent two years teaching preschool-aged children. She is currently working toward her Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education.

SASHI QUALITZ joined the CCC staff in 2013. Prior to coming to CCC she taught in early childhood classrooms for 5 years. She is currently enrolled at Middlesex community college pursuing a degree in early childhood education.

LYNN ST. GERMAIN joined our Emerson program in 1988 as a toddler and two teacher and has spent the past 25+ years with the age group. She has a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education with a concentration on infants and toddlers.

NASSIMMA TIZI-OUGDAL joined CCC in 2017. Nassima comes to CCC after working as a teacher at Cadence Academy and in a home daycare.