Auction FAQs

The auction is a fun evening for the entire CCC community, but it can also raise a lot of questions, especially if you have never attended an auction before! Below are answers to some common auction questions … if you have a question that is not answered here, please contact CCC Development Coordinator Jennifer Saxe.

Where can I park for Tri-Con?

There is on-street parking in Concord Center, or you may park in the public parking lot behind the Post Office (entrance on Walden Street).

Can I attend the auction if I don’t plan to bid?

Absolutely! It's a fun night for everyone, regardless of whether or not you do any bidding.

Is there food at the auction?

There is always delicious food at the auction! Catering for this year's auction is provided by Trail's End Cafe and will include passed hors d'oeuvres, food stations, and desserts.

What do I wear?

The theme of this year's auction is CARNAVAL, so wear your bright, colorful, FUN party clothes!!

How do I pay for drinks?

You may buy a Copacabana drink pass at check-in for $25 which covers all your drinks for the evening, or you may pay by the drink at the bar (cash only).

How do I pay for any items I win or purchase at the auction?

At check-in, your credit card will be swiped, and any purchases you make will be charged to that card. Drinks may also be purchased with cash at the bar.

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets are available in advance via the CCC website. This check-in method allows your credit card information to be securely captured before the night and also gives CCC a sense of numbers so we can be sure to have enough for the evening (this year's auction is being catered by Concord Country Club -- yum!).

What are classroom donations?

The children and teachers of each CCC classroom make a special donation for the auction featuring the artwork of that classroom's children. These donations are then available for bidding in the silent auction. Win your child's classroom donation and take home a one-of-a-kind memento of their year at CCC!

What are these group donations I keep hearing about?

Each year, several items in the auction are meant for bidding on by a group — items such as a pajama party for 12 children or a long weekend away at a Maine waterfront home. Bidding for these items is most effective — and most fun! — when you put together the group going in on the item in advance. Group donations are listed in the auction program, which is circulated to CCC families a week before the event and is also available on-line. Get your group together, designate a group bidder, and get ready to bid!

What is the Cork Pull?

The Cork Pull is a blind draw where everyone who buys a ticket wins a bottle of wine worth at least the value of the ticket, and one lucky winner will win a special high-value bottle. Buy your ticket, "pull" a numbered cork from a bowl, and see what you get! The Cork Pull table is in the check-in area and sells out quickly, so buy your cork when you arrive!

What are mystery bags?

Mystery bags are just that — a bag containing a mystery donation!  Mystery bags cost $25, and the item inside is worth at least the bag's cost and sometimes much more!  Choose your bag and see what you get!!  Look for the mystery bag table near the check-in table. They sell out quickly, so get yours early!

What is the Heads or Tails game?

Heads or Tails is a fun game of chance played during the live auction. To play, purchase your ticket at check-in to receive your Heads or Tails "item" to wear during the game. When it's time to play, everyone who has purchased a Heads or Tails "item" stands up. The auctioneer will flip a coin, but before s/he flips the coin, s/he announces that you should put your "item" on if you think the coin is going to land on heads, or you leave your "item" off if you think the coin will land on tails. The auctioneer then flips the coin — whoever chooses incorrectly is out of the game and sits down, while whoever choose correctly remains standing. The auctioneer then continues to flip the coin with people choosing whether they think it will land on heads or tails and sitting down or remaining standing as appropriate until there is one person left standing. That person is the winner and wins the prize!

Where and when does the auction take place?

The 2017 auction will be held on Saturday, March 25, from 6:30-11 p.m., at 51 Walden. Past auction venues have included the Concord Country Club, Concord Academy, Nashoba Brooks School, and Nashawtuc Country Club. 

What is the CCC Auction?

The auction is a fun adults-only evening that is CCC's largest annual fundraiser. The evening includes a silent auction, live auction, a heads or tails game, mystery bags, and fun and food for everyone!  When you arrive, you will check in and receive your bidder number for the evening, which you will use for all your non-drink purchases — silent auction, live auction, etc. Then enter the auction and start bidding!  The silent auction generally runs from 6:30-8:15, and the live auction runs from 8:30-9:30.  Food is available during the silent auction, dessert is served after the live auction, and beverages are available throughout the evening.